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Patrick Friesen, a resident of Winnipeg for 30 years and Vancouver for a dozen years, now lives in Victoria, BC. He has published numerous books of poetry and has written several stage and radio plays. Friesen has also collaborated with choreographers, dancers, musicians and composers. He tours on a regular basis, giving readings and workshops all over the country. His book, Blasphemer’s Wheel, was awarded Manitoba Book of the Year Prize in 1996; A Broken Bowl, was a finalist for the 1997 Governor-General’s Award; and Patrick was awarded the ReLit Award for Poetry in 2012 for jumping in the asylum.

30535_2017-2018_poster_thumbnails_300x300_crazy_bone A Short History of Crazy Bone
March 28 – April 8, 2018
Theatre Projects Manitoba

Canadian poet Patrick Friesen’s new play awakens Crazy Bone who walks on the outskirts of time, imagination and place –  shunned for her individuality, sexuality, and for the non-conventional choices she has made. Crazy Bone is traveling to the river, trying to find a way back to herself. The play, inspired by the playwright’s great grandmother, is an exploration of the nature of the outsider, crowded by others and acutely alone. Crazy is a trickster, a wild woman laughing, a campesino, the artist. The ghosts she lives – and sometimes dances with – are not past loved ones but present companions.

The questions inherent in the piece are of an artist’s place in society. At the heart of the play is the movement, the process, of Crazy finding where she belongs, a spiritual odyssey in deeply human form. It is also a poetic exploration of the prairie landscape, rooted in our province’s identity and history. The lead role of Crazy Bone will be played by actress Tracey Nepinak; one of Manitoba’s finest theatre artists.

It is a beautiful and difficult tale.  It is a Manitoba story.



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